Armie DM TMI NFT: Newsflash!

Julia Holys Law
Jul 28, 2022


Armie DM TMI NFT: Newsflash! (available on Institut)

‘Armie Hammer’s DMs are being sold in an interesting way.’

‘It’s got a digital Duchamp vibe.’

‘This is the next level of art/social outcry… it just breathes chaos in the best ways possible.’

‘He really just dumps this stuff on whoever, huh.’

Newsflash! This unique signed work is a collage of press and commentary posted online after the launch of the series ‘Armie DM TMI NFTs’: ‘Dibs on Ribs’ and ‘Caligula Triptych’.

This work includes clippings from Lapham’s Quarterly, The Daily Beast, Business Insider, Just Jared, NME, Whitehot Magazine and commentary from Reddit and the artist’s DMs. It combines my background in wheat-pasting street art and graffiti around the world, and features my tag ‘Jelly on Toast’.

News travels fast. Read it and weep.

Armie DM TMI NFT: Newsflash! (physical artwork)



Julia Holys Law

Julia Anne Holys Law is an artist and provocateur from Palo Alto, CA.