911 SOS WTF NFTs: Culture Jammer at the Hammer

Julia Holys Law
3 min readJun 13, 2022


Culture Jammer at the Hammer

In this video, I infiltrate the WTF NFT? event moderated by Reggie Watts at the Hammer Museum, transforming the Q and A into a demonstration of civil disobedience.

A ‘culture jammer’ uses the power of brands and institutions against themselves. Although the Hammer Museum is a “privatized-public space” and not a public square, museums and cultural institutions offer one of the last spaces for discourse, democracy, and dialogue in service of the greater good. Communally, we worship art and artists as God: manifestations of a force greater than ourselves.

What is power? How do we know who has it, and who does not? The internet is the last true public square. What will protest look like in Web 3.0? My message is urgent: STOP. THE. VIOLENCE.

After I minted the Armie DM TMI NFTs, strange things happened, although it is ultimately unclear who was behind it…

The intimidation and threats led to a follow-up series, the 911 SOS WTF NFTs, to document and tell the story of the henchmen. Non-coincidentally, the Hammer Museum funded a day-long special program sharing the same name, WTF NFT?, in a covert attempt to erase my contributions to this movement. We live in a culture of complacency towards violence against women. We are in a critical moment, jamming rape culture with the global outcry of #MeToo. This attempt at online erasure is a misuse of power and wealth at an institution that boasts goals of social change and progress.


Institutions, systems, and belief structures rooted in disempowerment and inequality will ultimately fail.

from the Hammer Museum website
911 SOS WTF NFT: Violation 1 (physical work: screenprinted glass)

Together, museums and artists who occupy them shift power in culture by acting as catalysts for social change and our collective moral evolution. This movement will not be erased. The survivors will not be buried. Though my unconventional approach may cause discomfort at first, emotions of disquiet generate a healing crisis: a divine intervention cracking false beliefs to transform established and toxic paradigms.

Web 3.0 is a new landscape for artists and activists to make way for inspired innovation, radical resistance and liberate ourselves from a patriarchal hegemony that undermines, undervalues, and actively attempts to erase competing ideas and narratives. The revolution may not be televised, but it will be cryptonized.

Thank you to the Hammer Museum for this opportunity to exercise my right to free speech and expression. The values and agendas of institutions and cultural industries will determine the future of humanity. All my respect to creative polymath Reggie Watts for the care and consideration demonstrated towards me and this difficult subject matter. Bless you, King!!!

‘Culture Jammer at the Hammer’ — view on Youtube

911 SOS WTF NFT: Culture Jammer at the Hammer

This political action was recorded live at the WTF NFT? event hosted by the Hammer Museum. It is the latest addition to the 911 SOS WTF NFT art collection: Culture Jammer at the Hammer.

“You are lost if you forget that the fruits of the Earth belong to all and the Earth to no one!” — Rousseau. *i.e. EAT THE RICH.

Shadow Walk With Me Hammer Museum

View the Armie DM TMI NFTs and 911 SOS WTF NFTs at Institut.



Julia Holys Law

Julia Anne Holys Law is an artist and provocateur from Palo Alto, CA.